Your Feet And Toes Tell Your Heritage

WARNING….This is JUST FOR FUN!!! :)))

No need to give any rude comments and aggressive history lessons here. This is NOT my study, I simply posted it because I thought it was interesting, and if you have found yourself here, you find this sort of thing interesting too :)

I DO realize there are no Asian, African, Aborigine, and so on here…..AGAIN, it’s not my study, in fact, I believe we all stem from one source, but that’s just my personal belief, not up for debate, we are all entitled to our own beliefs…right??


This is a fun graph I found in an article that was written based on studies by various medical centers interested in human history. I am keeping it short and to the point. It’s fun when you find out your roots, research your heritage :)

So far it is pretty accurate for people I know who know their heritage. The picture is comparing 5 different types’ feet. They are labeled according to the nature of the length of the second toe compared to the big toe. It pretty much speaks for it’s self, below are brief descriptions (in case you already didn’t know).

Arabian – Middle Eastern/Arabia

Roman- (this is me) From the Roman Empire

Greek – From Greece

Germanic- Which means German

Celtic - Such as living in the British Isles

Please share your findings!!

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    1. I’m also Indian and my heritage shows Roman… well Greek’s possible many Greeks came to India during middle ages… Roman too mayb :/

  1. Funny… Talking to Jamy about feet & heritage, decided to web search … Got Audrey! Miss you! Omg, Gotta come get some arugula & elderberries

  2. Ok Ive looked at the chart and my feet, nothing… ): even if i try to strech my toes still no compare to any… all of them are same length big toe to pinky.. but i know where it comes fromes all the woman on the one side have it … but if anyone knows more plz share..

  3. It seems as though its a matter of dominant allel (dominant trait)
    One maybe from anywhere in the world but if an ancestor/ancestors of your past had a relationship with a foreign civilization then that allel would be carried through your families gene for as long as your family reproduces.
    This chart, all be it is true, is however very vague. After all, there is about only a handfull of civilizations left on the planet with their original gene structure and those civilizations are VERY difficult to find and are isolated from the rest of the world. That being said, a guesstimated 99% of people on this earth have inherited traits that are foreign to the culture you reside/resided in. 99% of us have many races running through our vains. Its astonishing that racism still exists in our world. We’re all distant cousins and yet we hate one another because of our cultural differences. Makes absolutely no sense.
    I guess ignorance is more dominant in our world than that of educational motivation. Hopefully one day that will change.

  4. This is acurate in a way. Looking down at my own feet I’m categorized as ‘Arab’
    Well considering the fact that I’m Lebanese and Syrian, that makes sense. I was intrigued when I found my mother’s leans somewhat close towards Greek. Then again, she is Syrian and the two nations shared a very common history back in the past. XD

  5. I have been made fun of because my toes are rather unusual. Seeing this chart blew my mind–the Germanic chart could be an outline of my foot. And I do know my heritage and there are strong German/Danish roots. It’s nice to see that my toes aren’t deformed but just an inherited trait!

  6. I have toes like the germanic. I have never, ever seen them on anyone else and have always thought it was a deformity because no one in any of my family has them…

    Nice to see they come from somewhere. Although it may blow my mom’s theory that I came from space… hahaha

    1. Mine are like this too…. It is kind of like Arabian and Roman mixed…. My big to and second toe are the same length but the res of my toes decline like the arabian. My mother’s is Greek….

      1. Same here… my heritage is celtic though (welsh/lowland scot mostly). My sister has more celtic looking feet.

  7. Being related to King Charlemagne doesnt mean you’re roman. He was germanic and was made holy roman emperor by the pope after the fall of the roman empire in the west (they further maintained control in the middle east). Hence holy roman empire which then focused mainly in Austria and Prussia aka modern day germany. And I don’t believe this toe thing as I fit into none of these categories. My second toe is the same length as my big toe and then the last three slant. My family is nothing but blonde blue eyed people with a few having reddish hair and we are all naturally pale. my ancestors are Scandinavian and possible even descend from Vikings. I think the test might be cool for people who fit in it but not all of us.

    1. I am not claiming to be Roman based on coming from the bloodline of King Charlemagne, I said it would make sense. Based on my toes, if this chart is correct, I am Roman. Again, this is novelty.
      To get into a debate on the heritage of anyone is pointless because there are different theory’s as to who were the first humans and if we all came from one source or not.

      THIS IS JUST NOVELTY, not debatable.

    2. When did the Romans maintain control in the Middle East?
      Look up Romans vs Persians fact what Romans never achieved in ME was “control”
      Btw, the toes classified as Arabian is in fact Persian, Arabian toes are short and stubby with short nails, and you see a mix in Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, as theyre not fully Arabs..

  8. I guess black people don’t have feet lol funny how it leaves out so many other groups of ppl, no Chinese, Native Americans, Africans..this is quite narrow. Cute if you happen to fit in somewhere though.

    1. You are right if you look at it that way. However, I am not the one who did the study so there are so many unanswered questions.

      If you look through the comments, I have even commented on this question myself.

      It may be that everyone stems from a particular “heritage”, but your right, it’s pretty narrow, especially Germanic and Celtic, which don’t seem very native to me. But again, it’s not my study and I would love to dig deeper on this subject but there is limited research available.

    2. LOL! I was thinking the same thing! My ancestry approximately 200 years ago is African and Irish, and later Native American was added … but my toes say Greek. I used to date a Greek guy, does that count? :-)

  9. This is really really sadddd.. I saw a similar one at somewhere else and not any one of the comment boxes said they have Germanic feet(no wonder I like ranam 1/2). Why. I get teased about it a lot. And actually, I am a girl from Malaysia lol. With chinese, japanese, javanese and bloodlines. Basically I’m different than most people in my country. But my personality manage to overcome that :D

    1. Aolee, a great personality will get you very far in life :)

      As for the feet, I have not met anyone with Germanic feet yet. Although that is interesting that your bloodline would have Germanic toes (if this graph were 100% accurate).

    2. Actually the Germans tried to take over the Spratly Islands in the 1800’s. ANd don’t forget the Dutch owned Sumatra!

  10. Apparently I’m celtic on one foot which I’m pretty sure I am, but on the other foot my first two toes are about even, my big toe might be like the tiniest bit bigger than my second but they’re pretty much equal but my middle toe goes down a little bit so it doesn’t seem to be roman, maybe that just means I’m pure mut, which I am! :)

  11. mine is Greek, my baby boy is Roman.. I’m Dusunic from my mother’s side and Chinese+Japanese+KadAzan from my father’s side..

    1. I look at the picture as a fun “novelty”. I’m not the one who did the study, so I can’t claim it’s accuracy formally. However, it is amazing how accurate it has been for the people I know who know their roots. I do find it strange that they don’t have Asian or Indian on there. This is definitely an interesting study. I am trying to find more information but not having good luck in doing so because I have many questions. So for now, as I said in the beginning, it’s just novelty.
      I originally found the study in an Arabic Newspaper. I’ll update this article when/if I find out more. For now, HAVE FUN! :)

      1. Haha I was taking the picture with a grain of salt, my Bachelor’s from University is actually in Anthropology so I’ve studied evolution of different sub-cultures. But like you said these things are just for fun:)

      2. As an Anthropology major, I think you’d appreciate the work of a Dr. Weston A. Price who was a dentist in the 40’s and traveled to various civilizations world wide (doing his own anthropology work) taking note of their diet, health and teeth and how how they all relate. He visited primitive and modern societies and took lots of pictures. His work can be seen in his book called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston A. Price (can be found on Amazon as well as other venues). The work he did may be old, but holds timeless value.
        Very interesting book, you should take a look when you have a chance.

      3. Let me know what you think. That book really changed my view and opened my eyes. There is an organization dedicated to his research/findings that teaches traditional food eating, it has millions of viewers!
        In the modern day, it is nearly impossible to make the journey he did to see primitive cultures. I for one would love to do that kind of anthropology studies. Unfortunately, cultures are being lost at the hands of convenience.

      4. An opportunity came up when I was in undergrad to take a trip to Africa and study there, literally camping in the jungles. It would’ve been an experience of a lifetime, but timing didn’t permit me to go. Maybe one day though :)

      5. That sounds amazing! Too bad you didn’t get to go.
        I married young so I never got to take any of those kind of adventures, but we do travel a lot, just not any primitive exploring (with a guide of course), maybe when all the kids get older we will take a fun family trip, maybe Petra Jordan? I would love to camp out in the desert :)

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