How To Make A Temporary Filling

tooth pain

I have to post this ASAP because I know I am suffering right now and I am sure there are many others out there that this advice/topic may be the answer…..

I’ve had so many teeth issues during my pregnancies with fillings falling out and nothing I could do until the baby was born. I suffered A LOT! When I was a child my molars were all dug out and filled with amalgam fillings, though my teeth didn’t hurt and there were no visible cavities.

As I got older and began to learn about the dangers of amalgam fillings, and I wanted them out, but it was expensive in the US…one dentist I consulted with gave me a quote of $5,000!! And that was supposedly a deal, they said I could make payments or….there was always the option of using my house as collateral, that was nice of them. Could you imagine loosing your house because you couldn’t afford to pay for your teeth!?

I decided that I would do it on one of our trips overseas; my husbands childhood friend who had an excellent reputation as a dentist. I had half my fillings professionally replaced with white porcelain for pennies on the dollar. That was over 10 years ago.

About 2 months ago I chipped one of those teeth and refuse to see a dentist in the my area since I had already had previous bad experiences with over priced lousy work and bad attitudes (arrogance when i ask serious questions). So I’m waiting until I go back overseas so I can see the same dentist who will fix it. Well, the nerve is exposed now and started to hurt about 2 weeks ago and I will not leave until June!

So…when the pain stated, I thought “what am I to do?” Oh, that’s right, I’ve done this before and I have all the supplies. 2 of the main things I reach for when there is a tooth issue is Black walnut tincture and Clove essential oil. But that’s not all. This time I am making a mouth rinse and adding more essential oils and tinctures just to make sure it doesn’t get infected somehow.  I also figured out how to make a temporary filing!!! I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and it is helping soooo much.

What Is Needed For The mouth Rinse?

1 cup filtered water

1 tsp. baking soda

2 drop full’s of black walnut tincture (can find usually at any health food store or order online)

1 drop full of Echinacea/Goldenseal tincture

5 drops of clove essential oil

5 drops oregano essential oil

5 drops peppermint essential oil

5 drops wintergreen essential oil

NOTE: You can use just water, baking soda, and clove oil for a shorter/cheaper version. I am adding the extras for their anti bacterial, anti microbial, and anti viral properties. If you can get it, the other more important is black walnut tincture which has been used to re-grow tooth enamel.

misk_mastic gum

Temporary Filling

About 1 year ago my husband cure his H.Pilori by chewing a gum called mastic gum (misk in Arabic), it is a tree sap that has so many healing properties mainly for digestion and mouth. In the future I plan to writ about it, but for now, I am mentioning it because it is what I am using as a temporary tooth filling, and working excellent I might add.

What Is Needed For The Filling?

Mastic Gum (the size of the hole is all that’s needed, but you’ll want to change it)

1-3 drops Clove oil, this is also called clove essential oil

How to do it? For extra strength; use clove oil straight in the hole, only 1 drop!

For a more mild pain; dilute 1-3 drops clove oil in 1 tsp. olive or coconut oil and put it directly in the hole of your tooth.

Then chew a little piece of mastic gum to make it soft and then fill the hole, make sure there is NO food particles and that your mouth is clean.

Caution: Clove oil is HOT! It can burn your skin, keep away from eyes.

When to use the filling? Between meals, it will fall out if you are eating, so it will need to be replaced using the same one, or a new piece of mastic gum. First use the mouth rinse to clean the mouth.

What happens If you swallow it? Nothing, it’s great for the digestion.

Where can you buy mastic gum? If you are near a Middle Eastern sore, you can call and ask if they carry it or can order it for you, the name you would ask for is “misk” which is how you say it in Arabic. If not, you can order online. Make sure you get the kind that looks like the picture, there is another one that looks like smooth balls, it might work, but I don’t feel it’s as good (personal opinion).

I hope this helps, please feel free to ask questions and share advice.

UPDATE: A friend of mine said she has successfully used bees wax (same method as above), she had the little bees wax pellets and chewed one piece then filled the hole. I imagine candle wax would work too, just make sure its a natural candle, not full of toxins. Either way, make sure you put clove oil to numb pain and kill germs.

Disclaimer; this is for educational purposes only, if you have a health concern, it’s best to seek professional medical advice.



  1. In the recipe for the mouthwash, you list “drops full” of black walnut and echinacea tinctures. Do you mean droppers full? Does the number of drops make a difference? How many drops in a dropper full?

    1. Sara, drops full does mean “droppers full” which is about 30 drops usually. It doesn’t matter to be exact, just an approximate is fine. You may even wish to use a little more.
      Does that answer your question?

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