Your Feet And Toes Tell Your Heritage

WARNING….This is JUST FOR FUN!!! :)))

No need to give any rude comments and aggressive history lessons here. This is NOT my study, I simply posted it because I thought it was interesting, and if you have found yourself here, you find this sort of thing interesting too 🙂

I DO realize there are no Asian, African, Aborigine, and so on here…..AGAIN, it’s not my study, in fact, I believe we all stem from one source, but that’s just my personal belief, not up for debate, we are all entitled to our own beliefs…right??


This is a fun graph I found in an article that was written based on studies by various medical centers interested in human history. I am keeping it short and to the point. It’s fun when you find out your roots, research your heritage 🙂

So far it is pretty accurate for people I know who know their heritage. The picture is comparing 5 different types’ feet. They are labeled according to the nature of the length of the second toe compared to the big toe. It pretty much speaks for it’s self, below are brief descriptions (in case you already didn’t know).

Arabian – Middle Eastern/Arabia

Roman– (this is me) From the Roman Empire

Greek – From Greece

Germanic– Which means German

Celtic – Such as living in the British Isles

Please share your findings!!



    1. I guess this study was only done on the 5 heritage groups mentioned. I think whoever did this research needs to continue since it IS interesting, but of course NOT complete.

  1. My dad was average white guy whose ancestors were northern European & he had Greek feet. My mom is 100% Japanese and has Greek feet. I have Greek feet. My sister has Roman feet. Not adopted! Thus, I have doubts about the racial associations of foot shapes.

    1. My family has mixed ancestral feet too, same mother/father. We also have different blood types…possible connection? I don’t really know, but it is interesting.

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