Soaked Oatmeal Yogurt Muffins + 12 Flavor Options


These muffins are great on the go, great for breakfast or a snack.They are very versatile and delicious. I have included 12 of my favorite recipes, you can create your own and feel free to share 🙂


1 ½ Cup yogurt
1 ½ Cup thick rolled oats or steel cut oats
4 Tbs. grass-fed butter or EV coconut oil, melted
½ Cup sweetener; coconut sugar, maple syrup, rapadura, honey, or other natural sweetener
1 ½ tsp.baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 egg
¼ tsp. unrefined salt
*Flavor of choice; see below. You can either cut the fruit choice into little chunks or blend them with the rest of the ingredients, your choice.


  1. In a blender the night before, put the yogurt and oats then blend well (about 3 minutes).
  2. Cover and leave overnight in the blender.
  3. The next morning, pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Then add the rest of the ingredients to the blender, except any fruit unless you want it blended.
  4. Blend well; you may have to mix it with a knife to loosen it up. You can taste the batter to make sure the desired sweetness has been achieved and add more if needed.
  5. Once well blended, pour into well greased (with butter or coconut oil) muffin, loaf, or cake pan.
  6. Bake for about 30 minutes, or until golden brown and a toothpick (or fork) comes out clean (I have found that depending on climate baking time greatly varies. Please watch carefully to determine baking time.

These store well in an airtight container for p to 5 days in the fridge.

Flavor Options:

  1. Peaches ‘n’ Cream: 1 tsp. cinnamon, ½ Cup sour cream or 4 oz cream cheese, and 3 peaches (peeled and pitted and cut in small chunks or blend)
  2. Apple Cinnamon Raisin: 1 tsp. cinnamon, ½ tsp. nutmeg, 1 Cup raisins, 2 apples peeled, cored and chopped or 1 Cup apple sauce (homemade is best).
  3. Apple Streusel: ½ tsp. cinnamon, 1 apple peeled, cored and chopped, or ½ Cup apple sauce.Streusel Topping:
    • 1/2 cup sprouted flour (spelt works best or whole wheat), or oat flour
    • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
    • 2 tbs butter,cut into small pieces
    • 2bs coconut palm sugar or rapadura
  4. Banana Nut: ½ tsp. cinnamon, 2 med bananas, ¼ Cup crushed walnuts
  5. Lemon Poppy Seed: 2 Tbs. poppy seeds, 2 Tbs. lemon juice, zest of 2 lemons (finely grated) Optional; add ½ tsp almond extract and top muffins with toasted almond slices
  6. Pumpkin Spice: 2 tsp. cinnamon, ¼ tsp. powdered clove, 1 Cup pumpkin puree, 1/2 Cup crushed walnuts
  7. Cherry Vanilla: 1 Cup cherries – seeded and chopped and total of 2 tsp. vanilla in mix
  8. Blueberry: 1 Cup blueberries Optional; add streusel topping (see #3 apple streusel)
  9. Chocolate Chip: 1 Cup dark chocolate bar cut in small chunks
  10. Double Chocolate Chip: ½ Cup unsweetened coco powder, ½ Cup dark chocolate bar cut into small chunks
  11. Chocolate Chip Banana: 2 medium bananas, ¾ Cup dark chocolate bar cut into small chunks, ½ Cups crushed walnuts
  12. Coconut Mango: 1 cup pureed mango (about 3 small mangoes), 2/3  cup mango, peeled and cut into small cubes,1/3 cup coconut flakes plus about 2 Tbs. for sprinkling on top of each muffin

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