5 Practical Uses For Essential Oil

Practical Uses for EO's (1)

Today I have a guest post from Rachel over at My Adventures in Crazytown.  She has put together a wonderful simple reference list for uses of essential oils.

Essential Oils are great for so many reasons but probably my top reason for loving them so much is their ability to multi-function. For that very same reason Essential Oils can be incredibly overwhelming. This is especially true if you are making the switch from a more traditional approach to health where dosages and proper uses are so important. One of the first things to remember about Essential Oils is you cannot overdose on them! Today I am going to share with you five specific ways to use Essential Oils.

Let me start with this; if you are going to spend the money on Essential Oils you really should be sure they are of high quality. I personally only use DoTerra Essential Oils but I know there are other good brands out there.

First Use: Headaches

I get frequent headaches. Once I was introduced to Essential Oils, headaches were the first problem I was able to try them out on. I find two oils work best for headaches; Lemon and Peppermint. I always start with Peppermint, I put a dab on my finger and rub it behind both ears and on my temples. If that doesn’t start to clear things up within about 30 minutes I dab some lemon oil and put it in the exact same place. I let another 15 or so minutes go by and if I am still in pain I add Lemon and Peppermint to the pressure points on my wrists. This ALWAYS does the trick for me.

If I know that my headache is a tension headache I take a slightly different approach and rub Peppermint and Lavender on my neck, behind my ears and on my temples. I also breathe the oils in deeply to try and relax.

Second Use: Colds and Congestion

Did you know that Essential Oils can break through the cell of a virus where antibiotics cannot? That is why they are effective at fighting a cold! Since I use DoTerra Oils I use their blend Breathe whenever someone in my house is working on a cold. I also really love Peppermint oil to clear blocked nasal passages. With the Breathe I make a salve with some Coconut Oil (about a palm full) and three drops of the oil. Then I rub all over back, chest and swipe it right under the nostrils. The last step I take is to rub some Oregano on the bottom of my feet. (I do the same thing for my kids too!) Just make sure you wear socks and that you do not touch your face or mouth with the oil on your hands. Oregano is a “hot” oil and can burn something fierce if not diluted before putting on your skin.

Third Use: Sleep Aid

We live in a high stress world and I’m sure at one time or another we have all faced sleep issues. I have heard countless accounts of Lavender Essential Oils really helping to release stress and induce sleep. Lavender is used in spas and skin care products world-wide, and for good reason! I can say from experience Lavender has calmed me down in the most stressful situations. I personally like to add three drops of Lavender Essential Oil to a small spray bottle (like 4 oz) with water. I shake it up and spray all over my bedding about 30 minutes prior to bed. YUMMO! Smells just like a spa! It really does help relax.

My oldest son, almost 4, is not a great sleeper. We have found that if we apply just one dab of Lavender Essential Oil behind his ears at night right before bed he sleeps much more soundly.

Fourth Use: Skin Issues

Have a rash? What about a cut? or a burn? Or worse yet… a pimple?!!! Don’t worry Essential Oils can fix all of that super easily! For rashes, cuts and burns I use Lavender Oil. My husband had a HUGE burn on his forearm from the BBQ and we applied Lavender Essential Oil to it right away and it healed up beautifully. Whenever myself or my son flare up with eczema we just apply a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil directly to the spot. It almost instantly calms down the itching.

For blemishes I use Melaleuca Essential Oil, better known as Tea Tree Oil. Just a dab directly on the blemish 5-6 times a day and I can almost promise you it will be gone before morning! The early you start treating the blemish, the easier it is to get rid of.

Fifth Use: Detox

Lemon Oil is my go to oil when it comes to trying to rid my body of toxins. I put two to three drops of the oil directly in my water and guzzle down glass after glass all day long. Lemon is a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial agent. This is why it is so good for detox.

I also like to use two drops of  Lemon Essential Oil and two drops of Frankincense Essential Oil with about a cup of Epsom Salts to make a nice detoxifying bath. So many times I have felt the the body aches I’m sure will turn into the flu and I take this bath before bed and all of that is gone in the morning.

I hope these uses are helpful to you. I find Essential Oils to be a great tool in our arsenal. I have found that since beginning to use Essential Oils my family is healthier and happier. I also find that they are so easy to use once you begin. Are you ready to jump in? I would love to hear what you hope to use Essential Oils for or what you are already using them for!


 Rachel is a mother to two amazing little boys, a devoted wife to one amazing man, a family girl, and a loyal friend among many other things. She blogs over at

My Adventures in Crazytown  where you can read more of her posts.



  1. For a second, I thought there was a way to fav these…hmmm well at least we have liking. Thanks for the insights. I have had some massive headaches ever since I fell and hit my head a few weeks ago. Reiki helped. So did chiropractic work. I just need to rebalance and get some craniosacral now.

    1. Ohhh, so sorry to hear you hit your head, it’s not something to take lightly. My cousin slipped and fell 3 years ago and is immobile and I have witnessed her suffering. I hope it’s nothing serious with you.

      1. I hope it helped, your injury sounds so severe. I am really digging in my memory to think what helps with pain and I think what you are doing with energy and chiropractic work are the best things (also acupuncture, homeopathy and meditation/prayer.)
        I don’t know the extent of your pain, but caster oil mixed with essential oils always helps my aching muscles, even headaches. Don’t worry about it getting in your hair, it’s good for it 🙂
        Apply heat over it after you rub it thickly on your skin, if you can or want to.

      2. Hmmm homeopathy I gave thought to, but not acupuncture. I would like to try it. I did something similar this morning with the oils too.

        Thanks for the tips! I believe they will help.

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