Gluten Free Alternatives Using Soaked Buckwheat

Soaked Buckwheat Tortillas Pizza On Buckwheat Flat Bread Buckwheat Tacos With Shredded Beef Soaked Buckwheat Flatbread

I have posted a few recipes so far for different uses of soaked buckwheat either as flour or batter, but I have done so much with different recipes that I wanted to have it all in one place since I have introduced various forms to family, friends and social gatherings. Now I can just say “check it out on my blog” and they can find it on one page!

I have played with the shapes in many ways; using a perfect pancake pan, cast iron of different sizes and non-stick pans (which are my last choice for cooking in).

For soaked buckwheat batter:

For smaller “bready” things, such as tacos, English muffin type alternative or bagel alternative, pancake bread, burger buns or small flat bread, I like to use a pan that has 4 rounds and makes perfect pancakes, it makes 4 at a time.

For making larger “bready” things such as burrito or sandwich wraps, I like using a low rimmed 10 inch cast iron pan.

For soaked buckwheat flour “breads”:

Any pan works well, of course I prefer cast iron but when I need to make a large amount fast, I use an electric counter griddle. I only use the dry soaked buckwheat flour if I am doing a “quick bread” and I cook them same as pancakes.

Click on the picture to see a recipe for the “bread”. Here is the recipe for homemade soaked buckwheat flour

Be creative and try out different toppings/fillings. Below I have smoked turkey with raw cheddar cheese, grass-fed carne asada meat (cooked only with salt) with cilantro and onion with a squeeze of lime and salsa (that was added later). The other photos will take you to recipes.

Bagel or English muffin alternative         Buckwheat tacos       Gluten Free Pancake Bread



Slow Cooked Roast Wrap Quick Burger BunsSoaked Buckwheat Crepes


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