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Total Fitness Routine For Beginners

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Intro To Face Yoga

Face Fitness Book Cover

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Face Fitness or Face yoga is a wonderful tool -simple-easy-and doesn’t take much time. Many people use it for cosmetic reasons such as reduce wrinkles, natural face lift, get rid of double chin, thin the face, or slightly change the shape of the nose. And the amazing thing is….these are all possible, even in as little as 2 weeks!

Besides the cosmetic benefits, it strengthens and aligns the face, keeps the jaws strong (great for TMJ sufferers), allows proper circulation to the face for the right amount of moisture. The benefits are many, just try it 1 time and see the benefits yourself.

There are a few different methods of face yoga or face fitness, here is an article from Now Magazine:

It is from Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method

Face Yoga