Homemade Deodorant Recipe

homemade deodorant

Makes enough for one average-sized deodorant roll-up container.

Option #1


2 Tbs. clay (bentonite), arrowroot powder, or corn starch

1 Tbs. baking soda

2 ½  Tbs. coconut oil

1 Tbs. beeswax (I use the pellets, which are easy for measuring and melt down quickly)

1/8 tsp.  jojoba oil (optional- this helps it to slide a little better)

You can add essential oils up to 20 drops, an idea would be;

10 drops tea tree essential oil and 10 drops lavender essential oil


20 drops of any essential oil or combination.


about 1/8 – 1/4 tsp. Natural fragrance perfume for scent


  1. Melt coconut oil and beeswax in a small pot.
  2. When completely melted, turn off heat add the rest of the ingredients, blend well, make sure there are no clumps.
  3. Pour immediately into clean, empty old deodorant tubes or a container with a lid.


To clean your pot, fill with any tools that touch the mixture and water, then boil it. Beeswax needs to be melted (very hot) to remove, it can get messy.

Option #2:

Coconut Oil Deodorant


1/3 cup Coconut Oil
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1/4 cup Cornstarch
5 – 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil or other essential oils


Melt coconut oil then add the rest of the ingredients.

Store in a container with a tight fitting lid. To use – apply with your fingers by rubbing under your arms.

Option #3:


  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • 3 Tbs. warm filtered water
  • 5 drops essential oil of choice (tea tree or lavender are my favorites)


Put all ingredients in a travel size spray bottle and shake well to blend. The measurements can be multiplied as needed. To use just spray a few  squirts on arm pits.



  1. There are quite a few options out there. First, what kind of recipe are you using now? It must be a paste like substance? If it has coconut oil, I would suggest melt 2 Tbs. coconut oil, mix with eaqual parts baking soda and arrowroot powder and pour it in an old deoderant tube and refrigerate it, that may work well to glide.

    The recipe i posted has many options and i know how frusterating it can be to keep doing trial and error, so keep it simple.

    Another option is to put about 1 Tbs. baking soda with 1 cup water, put in a spray bottle and mix well before each use. You can add any essential oil you like.

    I hope that helps 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I mentioned using baking soda and water, but I like the idea of witch hazel and baking soda better after reading that you are trying witch hazel and essential oils.
      I like things simple but adding essential oils is great for anyone who wants 🙂

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