Super Health Drink – Kombucha!


kombucha drink

This recipe was taken from my book A Closer Look At Nutrition & Wellness – Handbook of Digestive Health for Well-being

Kombucha has been consumed for over 2000 years the world over. It has been extensively studied and applied for several medical uses in Russia, Germany, China and many other places.  It is naturally carbonated and reports have been made claiming to have a host of healing properties.

The most common Kombucha benefits are (to name a few):

Allergy relief

Better concentration

Better eyesight, less floaters & sharper vision

Constipation or digestive relief

Lower blood pressure & lower cholesterol

Many had better sleep patterns

Many have reported a “feeling of well being”

Many reports relief from PMS symptoms

Most experienced weight loss

Reduced sugar cravings

Reported improvement in skin conditions & tone

Reports of relief of ulcer pain & digestive problems

Some claimed relief from arthritis type symptoms

*This recipe makes 1 gallon, you can cut the ingredients in half or double them as needed.

Equipment Needed:

Stainless steel pot that hold 1 gallon water

1 glass gallon jar

Cloth or paper towel

Rubber band

*This recipe also calls for a kombucha scoby, culture or mushroom. You can get one from someone who brews their own kombucha (you’d be surprised how many people do) or from an online source, there are many sources, just use a search engine to find it.


1 gallon filtered water

2 Cups organic cane sugar (no brown sugars, honey or syrup)

8 tsp loose black or green tea (or use 8 tea bags)

1 scoby, this is the kombucha culture.

1 Cup kombucha tea made from previous batch.


  1. Bring the water to a boil, and then remove from heat.
  2. Add the sugar – dissolve,  and tea straight to the water, leave to cool completely
  3. When cooled completely, strain or take out tea bags and pour into a gallon size glass jar.
  4. Add the scoby and kombucha tea.

photo 4 (4)

  1. Cover with a thin cloth or paper towel and keep it in place with a rubber band.
  2. Let sit for 7 – 10 days, or longer if you want it more like alcohol. Taste it after 7 days with a wooden spoon (not metal) to see if it’s to your liking. The longer it ferments, the more health benefits it has, but it still has some at day 7 and it’s sweeter.


You will notice a thick white film will grow on the top, this is the new scoby, this is perfectly normal. If it forms any mold or black spots, discard and start all over. As long as you equipment is sterile, you should have no problem.

When finished, remove scobies (you will have a new one each time you brew), place in a glass jar/container and set aside, then strain your final product into another glass container/jar to store. It will last about 1 month (or longer) in the refrigerator to where it tastes fresh.

You can start your new batch immediately or store your scabies in a glass jar in the fridge, keep submerged in fermented kombucha tea until needed.

WARNING: Metal and plastic will react badly with the acids in the Kombucha, never touch the scoby with metal (spoons, rings, anything)


Your scoby culture will grow a new one every time. You can give it to your friends, family, or anyone who needs one. If you find you have too many, you can compost them in your garden.


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