Part 1 Toning ABS; 5 Moves, 5 Minutes A Day, 5 Days A Week



Toning ABS

This article is a re-post because I have added pictures (thanks to my lovely niece who so patiently posed for me) and updated some info.

Along with proper nutrition and daily movement, you should see results with these moves. My next post will be on getting flat abs through nutrition and why it may not be working for you. These exercises are a part of a Full Body Workout that will be posted as I put them together. They can be done by ANYONE, even for not so active people to help motivate them (shorten all the poses in half the time to begin with if you need and work your way up).

  • 5 minute easy abs exercises that anyone can do.
  • The more effort you put in, the better the results.
  • Make sure you stretch before doing any exercise.
  • They do not have to be done in order. They also don’t have to be done 5 days a week; 1 or 2 days may give results depending on your body type.

An important thing to remember is that only working on targeted areas will most likely NOT show results, again depending on your body type. Working the whole body regularly along with targeting the areas will give better results, of course along with proper diet (not dieting, I’m talking eating real foods which you can learn about in my Nutritional Makeover Series. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still view it on your PC by downloading the Kindle Cloud Reader for Free).

You can download a 1 Page PDF Picture Reference Sheet of all the exercises by clicking here: Toning_ABS .

*Caution Pregnant – Working on abs during pregnancy with these poses are not recommended; please use caution if you decide to do these moves.  If you are pregnant and want to keep your abs toned, the best and simplest thing to do is make sure you stand tall and hold your posture tall; don’t slouch, and hold your stomach firm at all times. Another thing to do is kegals, which will keep you grounded in the pelvic area. You can also rub Shea butter or coco butter creams to help with the stretching, or use coconut oil alone.

Let’s Get Started!!

Exercise #1- Strong Abs Abs Excercise_1 This will target the lower mid abs.

  1. Stand straight with feet about 1 foot apart.
  2. Bring your right elbow to your left knee (touch if possible), then back to standing position.
  3. Now do the left side.
  4. Repeat 30x’s (15 each side) You should count like this…1 and 2 and 3….and so on to make this exercise a total of 30 seconds.

Exercise #2- Side Abs  Abs Excercise_2 This will trim the waist line and back.

  1. Stand straight up, feet apart about 1 foot and hold a towel, belt, or scarf between your hands about 2-3 feet apart.
  2. With towel/belt/scarf in hands, lift hands over your head.
  3. Now, bring your right elbow down slowly as you bring your right knee up. Elbow should reach behind the right thigh, and release back to standing.
  4. Do the same thing on the left side.
  5. Repeat 30x’s (15 each side) You should count like this…1 and 2 and 3….and so on to make this exercise a total of 30 seconds.

Exercise #3- Tight Abs Abs Excercise_4

  1. Stand up straight, feet together, palms together in a fist; in front of chest with elbows bent.
  2. Twist upper body to the right while keeping fists together.
  3. Bring your fists back to center and to the left side.
  4. Back to center and to the right.
  5. Do this 30x’s. You should count like this…1 and 2 and 3….and so on to make this exercise a total of 1 minute.

 Exercise #4- Mid Abs Strengthener  Abs Excercise_5

  1. Lie on your back flat, legs and arms extended on the floor as far as you can as if you were being pulled by your hands and feet.
  2. Take a deep inhale (2 seconds), bring the feet and hands straight up as far as you can and touch your knees, or go as far as you can.
  3. Exhale (2 seconds), while lowering hands and legs. If possible, don’t allow the feet to touch the ground all the way, this will give you more resistance and quicker results.
  4. Do this 15x’s (each pose should take 2 seconds to complete for a total of 30 seconds).

Exercise #5- Table Top Plank Pose, Core/Abs Strengthener Abs Excercise_3

  1. Lean over the table in a push up pose; back straight – head up as if a board (plank) were keeping your body aligned.You can keep your arms straight just as you would do a push up on the floor, or lean on the table with your elbow to your hand rested on the table (it is best to have a yoga mat under your arms for this pose for a non slip mat, but a towel will do).
  2. Hold this position strong at the core (mid section) for 30 seconds.
  3. Then in the same position, bring the right knee up and cross it over to the left side as far as you can, hold 10 seconds and release.
  4. Do the same thing with the left knee and repeat 6x’s (for a total of 1 minute)
  5. Now, bring the right knee up to the outside of your right elbow as far out and up as far as you can, hold 10 seconds and release.
  6. Do the same thing with the left knee and repeat 6x’s (for a total of 1 minute)

Disclaimer: As with any exercise, please seek advice from a professional if you suffer from any health conditions. Please do with caution.


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